Saleam Bey started painting in Connecticut as an only child and grew to love his creative gift. As he grew and learned from the world around him his path then led him to Atlanta, Georgia. Once Saleam realized the positive effect his paintings had on others, he persevered through his teens and early adulthood as he decided to pursue his passion full-time. His goal is to reach the masses as an Afrocentric Cartoonist and Abstract Artist. Humanity, culture, and his hometown inspires his work while mediation and music helps to ignite his creative process. Thus far Saleam has completed four murals in the city of Atlanta. His most popular mural is located near the College Park Fire Department for all to see.

​Saleam’s vision is to inspire the next generation of artists to pursue their dreams. Currently, he is developing a 120ft. mural collaboration for the Peoples Town Community in Atlanta.